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Globala megatrender som kommer att förändra världsekonomin

Globala megatrender är stora samhällsförändringar som bidrar till att rita om spelplanen för branscher, länder och världsekonomin i stort. I denna artikel tittar vi på fyra megatrender som kommer att förändra världsekonomin de närmaste decennierna: Färre försörjer fler, artificiell intelligens och digitalisering, hållbar tillväxt samt inkluderande tillväxt.

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Anders Bergvall

Anders Bergvall

Senior Economist

Thematic analysis and USA

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Fast Comment US

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Fast Comment Sweden — Unemployment has picked up but labour market still strong

  1. Third quarter unemployment higher than forecast
  2. Driven by rising labour supply
  3. If demand stays high more jobs will be created, keeping unemployment in check

Johan Löf, Senior Economist |

Fast Comment Sweden — Housing prices in September, staying on course for stabilisation

  1. Stable prices, also when heading into autumn
  2. Small dip in house prices in some regions, but overall prices are trending sideways
  3. We maintain our view of stable housing prices in the coming months

Helena Bornevall, Senior Economist |

UK Comment — Consumer price inflation surprises to the downside in September

  1. CPI and CPI core inflation down to 2.4% and 1.9% respectively
  2. Inflation pulled lower by the same volatile components that pulled up in August
  3. Inflation now in line with the BoE’s expectation

Kari Due-Andresen, Chief Economist Norway |

UK Comment — UK wage growth accelerates, while employment growth weakens

  1. Unemployment rate unchanged at 4.0 percent, regular pay growth up to 3.1 percent
  2. Wage growth stronger than the Bank of England's short-term expectation
  3. Weaker employment growth could temper wage growth ahead

Kari Due-Andresen, Chief Economist Norway |

Fast Comment Sweden — Preview: Housing prices in September

  1. Stable prices expected to continue heading into autumn
  2. Mixed signals in the housing market
  3. Strong sentiment indicators, high supply and close to a repo rate rise

Helena Bornevall, Senior Economist |