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Global Macro Forecast - Meagre shelter for the global economy

  • Economic slowdown and long period of weak growth
  • Persistent political worries; households increasingly cautious
  • Central banks change course, but their toolboxes look empty

Christina Nyman

Chief Economist

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Fast Comment Finland — Labour market still robust in February

  1. Unemployment rate (SA) 6.5 percent in February
  2. Employment increased by 34,000 people y-o-y
  3. We expect labour shortages to moderate employment growth further

Janne Ronkanen, Senior Economist |

EMU Comment — PMI disappoints due to worsening manufacturing agony

  1. Composite PMI decreased unexpectedly in March
  2. German manufacturing confidence back at 2012 lows

Rasmus Gudum-Sessingø, Senior Economist |

Fast Comment Norway — Preview: Labour market figures and retail spending

  1. Scope for lower unemployment ahead
  2. Still a tame trend in retail spending, but probably some pickup in February
  3. We maintain our view that the next rate hike will come in September

Marius Gonsholt Hov, Senior Economist |

UK Comment — BOE's next rate decision could be in either direction

  1. The next move in interest rates is up to the politicians
  2. The economy is performing as expected
  3. Markets unaffected

Lars Henriksson, Strategist |

Fast Comment Norway — Norges Bank serves up a well-signalled rate hike and brings the next one forward

  1. Norges Bank hikes the policy rate to 1,00 percent and brings next hike forward
  2. Domestic activity and NOK pulling up while international factors and wage growth pulling down
  3. Norges Bank moves closer to our expectation

Halfdan Grangård, Senior Economist |