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Markkinakatsaus — Viikko 38/2018

• Kiina turvautuu elvytykseen kasvuhaasteiden edessä

Janne Ronkanen, Senior Economist |

Markkinakatsaus — Viikko 37/2018

• EKP pysyy yhä odottavalla kannalla
• Riksbank siirsi jälleen eteenpäin koronnostoarviotaan

Janne Ronkanen, Senior Economist |

Markkinakatsaus — Viikko 36/2018

Ruotsin vaalien talousvaikutukset jäänevät pieniksi

Janne Ronkanen, Senior Economist |

Fast Comment Finland — A moderate slowdown in Finnish GDP growth in Q2

  1. GDP grew in Q2 by 0.3 percent q-o-q and 2.5 percent y-o-y
  2. Domestic demand the main contributor to GDP growth, yet net exports turned positive
  3. Strong but gradually moderating growth likely to continue

Tiina Helenius, Chief Economist Finland |

Macro Comment Finland — Strong job market underpinning the Finnish economy

The robust labour market is fuelling household income growth creating favourable conditions for consumption. Hence, the outlook for GDP growth remains positive. Strong job gains are bringing positive surprises for the public sector economy as well; against all odds, the government may well reach a balance this year.

Tiina Helenius, Chief Economist Finland |

Markkinakatsaus — Viikko 35/2018

• Maailmantalouden näkymä aikaisempaa eriytyneempi
• Kiinan juanin heikentyminen on nyt nähty

Janne Ronkanen, Senior Economist |