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Fast Comment Finland — Finnish industrial output rose by 3.7 percent in 2018

  1. Industrial production grew 3.3 percent y-o-y in December
  2. Goods export growth slowed steadily down during 2018
  3. Finnish export suffering from the weakening global demand and supply chain problems

Janne Ronkanen, Senior Economist |

Markkinakatsaus — Markkinakatsaus: Viikko 6/2019

• Globaali kasvu huteralla pohjalla
• Suomen talous: totuttelua viileään

Janne Ronkanen, Senior Economist |

Global Macro Comment — SEK undervalued and USD overvalued

Although it is widely accepted that exchange rates vary substantially and are difficult to forecast, models based on economic fundamentals can track the evolution of the exchange rate rather well in the long run. Deviations between the actual and the estimated equilibrium exchange rates may be sustained for fairly long periods, but the exchange rate eventually tends to experience a correction toward its equilibrium lev-el. Our new fair value model indicates that the USD is currently overvalued, while the EUR, GBP and CNY are broadly in line with fundamentals and the JPY, NOK and the SEK are undervalued. Our fair value es-timate for USD/SEK is 7.5 and 9.5 for EUR/SEK.

Anders Bergvall, Senior Economist |

Global Macro Forecast — Global economy on shaky ground

• A downturn is imminent
• Time for politicians to step up
• Interest rates remain low

Lena Fahlén, Head of Economic Research |

Markkinakatsaus — Viikko 5/2019

• Fedin koronnostosykli voi pian tulla päätökseen
• Ruotsin hallitus vannoo finanssipoliittiseen elvytykseen

Janne Ronkanen, Senior Economist |

Fast Comment Finland — Consumer confidence still robust, yet past the peak

  1. Consumer confidence strengthened slightly in January
  2. Consumers’ concerned of the overall outlook for the Finnish economy
  3. Consumer behaviour more cautions than what the headline barometer indicates

Tiina Helenius, Chief Economist Finland |