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Monthly Macro

Monthly Macro Update — Recovery phase is about to end

US: 'Goldilocks scenario' will not last long
Eurozone: Approaching balanced growth
UK: Brexit negotiations thrown into chaos
Nordics: Short-term resilience

Monthly Macro Update — No smooth sailing in sight

US: In for a boom/bust episode
Eurozone: A tall order for the ECB
Nordics: Growing confidence

Monthly Macro Update — Politics take centre stage

US: Moment of truth for Trump
Eurozone: Strong finish to 2016 bodes well for 2017
Nordics: Drifting apart

Monthly Macro Update — Stimulus quickly trumped by overheating

US: Low unemployment implies limited room for expansion
Eurozone: Weak growth points to further policy stimulus
The Nordics: Labour market mismatch keeps Nordic unemployment high

Monthly Macro Update — The fog of uncertainty persists

US: A new Fed pace of 25bp per year
Eurozone: Brexit cements modest growth further ahead
Sweden: Rapid growth deceleration expected to end
Featured themes: Brexit in motion and European banks

Monthly Macro Update — At a crossroads

US: Next rate increase likely in September
Eurozone: Consumption as good as it gets
United Kingdom: What will happen after June 23?
Sweden: The door may be open for a rise in domestic inflation