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Fast Comment US — Partial budget blueprint for 2018 from President Trump

  1. Large increase in defence spending
  2. Large cuts in non-defence spending
  3. Trump will meet hard resistance in Congress

Petter Lundvik, Economist |

Fast Comment US — Fed hiked rates as expected

  1. No surprises at the Fed meeting
  2. Economic forecasts are almost unchanged from December
  3. Our forecast: economic slowdown and no rate increases in 2019

Petter Lundvik, Economist |

Fast Comment US — Stronger-than-expected non-farm payrolls increased by 235,000

  1. The unemployment rate declined as expected to 4.7 percent
  2. Hourly earnings were weaker than expected
  3. Fed’s signals of policy tightening do not primarily build on strong labour market data

Petter Lundvik, Economist |

Fast Comment US — Yellen points to a rate hike in March

  1. We raise our Fed forecast
  2. Strong signals of tightening in Yellen speech
  3. Economic uncertainty remains great

Petter Lundvik, Economist |

Fast Comment US — FOMC minutes send mixed signals: increasing rates fairly soon and waiting longer

  1. Ample time for the FOMC to respond if inflationary pressures increased
  2. Time to start the discussion about a reduction of the Fed’s asset holdings
  3. Our view: Fed in a wait-and-see mode

Petter Lundvik, Economist |

Monthly Macro Update — No smooth sailing in sight

US: In for a boom/bust episode
Eurozone: A tall order for the ECB
Nordics: Growing confidence

Ann Öberg, Chief Economist |