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Information on the processing of personal data in the Handelsbanken Group

The processing of personal data is subject to the provisions of the Swedish Personal Data Act (SFS 1998:204) and other Swedish laws. The purpose of this legislation is to protect private individuals against having their integrity violated through the processing of personal data. An important part of this protection is that the person to whom the information relates is informed of the processing that is carried out.

Here we provide general information on the processing of personal data by the Bank and the rest of the Handelsbanken Group. If you would like more information, you are welcome to contact your local branch of Handelsbanken.

What information is affected?
The information concerned here is the details that you submit to the Bank when you open an account or apply for a loan, or which the Bank otherwise registers when preparing to arrange a loan or an account, e.g. credit information or a business evaluation, or for the continued administration of the loan or account. The equivalent applies to agreements relating to other services of the Bank or the Bank’s subsidiaries. Where appropriate, we also process data relating to customers’ representatives, e.g. guardians, trustees or other representatives. Under the Swedish Personal Data Act, “personal data” refers to all types of information that relate, directly or indirectly, to a living individual (i.e. natural person). Digitally stored recordings of telephone calls may also contain personal data.

Who processes the data?
The data is processed by the Bank and – subject to the applicable regulations on banking confidentiality – by companies in the Handelsbanken Group and by other companies with which the Bank collaborates. Examples of companies outside the Group with which the Bank collaborates include BGC (Bankgirocentralen), Privatgirot AB, card organisations (MasterCard and Visa), the Upplysningscentralen UC AB credit agency and VPC AB (the Swedish Central Securities Depository and Clearing Organisation).

Preparation and administration of agreements, etc.
The data are processed as part of the preparation, administration and performance of agreements, as well as when action is taken at the customer’s request, before or after an agreement is entered into. This includes data relating to contacts between the customer and the Bank, as well as data concerning how the agreement is performed. Information is also submitted to public authorities pursuant to applicable legislation.

Archiving is done pursuant to the applicable accounting legislation. The digital storage of telephone call recordings occurs mainly in conjunction with advisory services pursuant to the Swedish Financial Advice to Consumers Act (2003:862), as well as in trading in financial instruments, where the aim is that the Bank and the customer shall have documentation recording the contents of the advice and the securities transaction.

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Data as a basis for analysis
The personal data is also used for marketing and customer analysis, business and methods development, risk management, statistics in the Group, etc. Risk management also involves processing information on the borrower and loans to assess the quality of loans for purposes of capital adequacy.

The personal data may also, unless you have requested a block on direct advertising at your branch, be used for marketing purposes by the Bank and – within the framework of the prevailing provisions concerning bank confidentiality – by other companies in the group and by collaboration partners of the Bank.

More information
If you require information about your personal data being processed by the Bank, you may demand this by submitting or sending a written, signed application to your local branch. A request for correction of personal data can be made to the branch of the Bank or to the Bank's Central Auditing Department, SE-106 70 Stockholm, Sweden.