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Fast Comment Sweden — April sentiment indicators

  1. Manufacturing confidence resurgent
  2. Consumer sentiment not particularly upbeat
  3. Labour shortage remains elevated

Johan Löf, Senior Economist |

EMU Comment — PMI stabilises in April

  1. PMI Composite surprised on the upside
  2. German and French service confidence rose
  3. Supports a steady ECB

Rasmus Gudum-Sessingø, Senior Economist |

UK Comment — PMI surveys signal slower GDP growth in Q1

  1. Services sentiment much weaker than expected, albeit partly weather-related
  2. New orders, activity and employment weaker
  3. We anticipate that the BoE's expectations are mostly unchanged; we continue to expect a rate hike in May

Kari Due-Andresen, Chief Economist Norway |

UK Comment — Bad weather hit construction PMI in March

  1. PMI dropped to 47.0 in March from 51.4 in February; largest fall since June 2016
  2. New orders and activity fell, while employment and future expectations provided support
  3. Bad weather aside, underlying momentum still seems very weak

Kari Due-Andresen, Chief Economist Norway |

UK Comment — UK manufacturing sentiment a little stronger than expected in March

  1. Sentiment sideways since January
  2. New orders and employment pulled down, while output pulled up
  3. Sentiment suggests output growth could ease somewhat further

Kari Due-Andresen, Chief Economist Norway |

Fast Comment Sweden — March sentiment indicators and new NIER macro forecast

  1. Economic sentiment still elevated, supporting further strenghtening of business cycle in 2018
  2. Employment plans did not fall further - we will revise down our unemployment forecast
  3. The NIER remain more pessimistic than us on inflation, and revise down its Riksbank outlook

Johan Löf, Senior Economist |