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Fast Comment Sweden — May unemployment and preview of June sentiment indicators

  1. Unemployment trending down - we consider revising down forecast once again
  2. June sentiment indicators expected to support our forecast for an orderly cooling down of GDP
  3. Inflation expectations among consumers will continue to rise

Johan Löf, Senior Economist |

Fast Comment Sweden — Sentiment indicators in May: Data digest shows increased dissonance among signals

  1. Buoyant overall sentiment, but subsector indicators a mixed bag
  2. No alarming threat to our GDP forecast, despite consumer confidence being weaker than expected
  3. Survey details reinforce our above-consensus forecast for inflation and expectation of a Riksbank rate hike

Johan Löf, Senior Economist |

Fast Comment Finland — Consumer confidence slightly down in April

  1. Consumer confidence stood at 23.2 in April
  2. Three components of the CCI decreased m-o-m
  3. Despite two months of declines, the CCI is still at high levels

Janne Ronkanen, Senior Economist |

Fast Comment Sweden — April sentiment indicators

  1. Manufacturing confidence resurgent
  2. Consumer sentiment not particularly upbeat
  3. Labour shortage remains elevated

Johan Löf, Senior Economist |

Fast Comment Sweden — March sentiment indicators and new NIER macro forecast

  1. Economic sentiment still elevated, supporting further strenghtening of business cycle in 2018
  2. Employment plans did not fall further - we will revise down our unemployment forecast
  3. The NIER remain more pessimistic than us on inflation, and revise down its Riksbank outlook

Johan Löf, Senior Economist |

Fast Comment Finland — Consumer confidence still high despite a slight weakening

  1. Consumer confidence falls slightly to 24.7 in March
  2. Three components of CCI decreased m-o-m
  3. Households feel that their current finances are better than ever

Janne Ronkanen, Senior Economist |