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The Week Ahead — February 27 – March 3

China: PMIs have peaked
Eurozone: Headline inflation about to peak
Sweden: We expect 2016 GDP data to end the year with a strong increase;
               Retail sales likely to recover from December drop;
               We expect growth to recover for industrial production in Q1
Norway:  Retail sales bounce in January, but the trend remains weak

Anders Brunstedt, Economist |

Makroennuste, helmikuu 2017 — Näköpiirissä vellovaa kyytiä

• USA:n noususuhdanne tulossa hetkellisen piristymisen jälkeen päätepisteeseen
• EKP:lla iso vastuu harteillaan
• Hollannin Vapauspuolueen menestyksestä huolimatta Nexit epätodennäköinen
• Pohjoismaissa optimismi kasvaa

Tiina Helenius, Chief Economist Finland |

FX Pilot — Jitters about “Frexit” overstate the risks

- Brexit story will not be repeated in France
- EURSEK: Corrective increase still in play
- EURGBP: GBP will hold up near term
- USDCNY: Authorities still control the CNY

Pierre Carlsson, Strategist |

Global Macro Comment — Can Trump reverse globalisation?

President Donald Trump claims that countries with large trade surpluses are stealing jobs from the US. Therefore, he wants to reverse existing trade deals, which have made it possible to move American jobs to low-cost countries. However, historically, trying to move jobs between countries has had a bad track record. In the 1930s, it led to aggressive trade wars. In our view, common sense should prevail to stop politicians, including Donald Trump, from implementing such policies before a full-scale trade war ensues.

Petter Lundvik, Economist |

Markkinakatsaus — Viikko 8/2017

Ranskan Le Pen aiheuttaa jo pieniä korkoväristyksiä
• Fed normalisoi korkotason ennen taseensa pienentämistä

Janne Ronkanen, Economist |