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Fast Comment US — CPI data keep inflation jitters alive

  1. Core CPI surprised on the upside with an increase of 0.3% m-o-m; consensus: 0.2% m-o-m
  2. Keeps the possibility of more aggressive Fed tightening alive
  3. Expect USD and yields to rise and stocks to fall

Jes Asmussen, Chief Economist Denmark |

Fast Comment US — Highest wage growth since 2009

  1. Stronger job growth trend
  2. Unemployment unchanged but…
  3. Watch the wage growth

Rasmus Gudum-Sessingø, Senior Economist |

Fast Comment US — Fed leaves rates on hold, door open for March hike

  1. Fed leaves rates on hold as expected
  2. Minor tweaks to press statement - door open for March hike
  3. Further upside to market rates

Claes Måhlén, Chief Strategist |

Fast Comment US — Government shutdown still unresolved

  1. Efforts to end government shutdown continue
  2. Economic impact of short-lived shutdown should be limited
  3. Larger, more serious issues loom

Jes Asmussen, Chief Economist Denmark |

Fast Comment US — Fed hikes rates and keeps policy outlook unchanged

  1. Higher growth and lower unemployment, but unchanged inflation and policy outlook
  2. We maintain our forecast of two rate increases in 2018, but risks are on the upside
  3. Powell will replace Yellen as Fed Chair in the beginning of February

Fast Comment US — Payrolls increased by 228,000 in November

  1. Unemployment unchanged at 4.1 percent
  2. Wages increased by 0.2 percent, from a decline of 0.1 percent in October
  3. Fed hike in December is fully priced in by financial markets