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FX Comment — Follow up to the latest FX Pilot

  1. The Riksbank is less likely to surprise as SEK strengthens
  2. The Riksbank will follow the ECB into a balanced mode
  3. Short EURSEK is still our recommendation

Lars Henriksson, Strategist | lahe06@handelsbanken.se

Swedish Rate Wrap — Higher Swedish interest rates on the radar

ECB gives the Riksbank a boost toward a new era
You could almost hear a sigh of relief from the Riksbank at the end of last week. After the ECB's statement that changes to the ongoing bond purchases were not even discussed at the September meeting, the market seems to realise that the central banks will not always be there to provide assistance in the form of lower interest rates. In addition to starting a wave of bond sales, this gave the Riksbank time to wait for rising Swedish inflation, without needing to relate to external changes in monetary policy. This gives an additional reason for looking at the short end of the Swedish curve, where there is scope for steepening. For more details, see page 3.

FX Comment — Big decision tonight for Chinese stocks

  1. Money is pouring in ahead of decision
  2. If it doesn´t happen now it will probably happen soon
  3. Can the market handle a disappointment?

Lars Henriksson, Strategist | lahe06@handelsbanken.se

FX Comment — A comment on the NFP and the Birth/Death adjustment

  1. Unusually big decline in April
  2. Look for revision of April number

Lars Henriksson, Strategist | lahe06@handelsbanken.se

Markkinakatsaus — Suuri dollariliike on takanapäin

Dollarin viime kesän jälkeen tapahtunut suuri kurssiliike on nyt takanapäin ja tästä eteenpäin dollarin vahvistuminen etenee paljon pienemmin askelin. Pitäydymme edelleen odotuksessa, että EURUSD-kurssi laskee pariteettiin tämän vuoden aikana ja sen jälkeen laskee jopa hieman pariteetin alapuolelle. Ruotsin keskuspankki Riksbanken pitää kruunun toistaiseksi edullisena, mutta myöhemmin Ruotsin inflaation osoittautuessa euroalueen inflaatiota nopeammaksi on Riksbankenin helpompi sallia kruunun vahvistuminen suhteessa euroon.

Fast Comment Sweden — PMI worse than expected, details fairly gloomy

  1. October PMI worse than expected
  2. Details paint a similar picture
  3. PMI data volatile, will not impact forecast of a gradual recovery