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Fast Comment Sweden — Strong headline GDP growth masks underlying weakness

  1. Withering economic climate, despite today's upside surprise in GDP
  2. Current mixed signals likely temporary August mist rather than early arrival of lasting October damp
  3. We stick to our forecast of a gradual cooling-off of the economy; we repeat no more Riksbank hikes this cycle

Johan Löf, Senior Economist |

Fast Comment Denmark — GDP growth disappoints; lowest in 1½ years

  1. Growth dragged down by rising imports
  2. Look out for more stable moderate growth
  3. Continued positive development in the labour market

Rasmus Gudum-Sessingø, Senior Economist |

Fast Comment Sweden — Like clockwork - housing starts continue to fall, hurting 2019 GDP roughly in line with our longstanding forecast

  1. Downward trend - neither housing starts nor building permits have turned a corner
  2. Regionally, some cities fare better, but waning construction not isolated to Stockholm
  3. Today's data does not materially change our near-term GDP outlook, but positive risk for Q1 next week?

Johan Löf, Senior Economist |

Fast Comment Sweden — Week ahead: GDP recoils after the growth spurt toward the end of last year

  1. GDP growth cooling, but Q1 in isolation expected to be an overstatement of this trend
  2. For the near-term GDP outlook, housing investment is key - more hard data tomorrow!
  3. In other news, retail sales and economic sentiment indicators are also easing, we expect

Johan Löf, Senior Economist |

Fast Comment Norway — Revised fiscal budget for 2019: Surprisingly expansionary

  1. Revenue spending increasing to NOK 238bn this year, up from NOK 220bn in 2018
  2. Fiscal impulse of 0.5 percent this year, above Norges Bank's estimate
  3. All else equal: increases the possibility for two more rate hikes this year

Marius Gonsholt Hov, Senior Economist |

Fast Comment Norway — GDP growth dampened by lower electricity transmission; underlying momentum holding up well

  1. Mainland GDP growth slowed to 0.3 percent in Q1, down from 1.1 percent in Q4 2018
  2. Largely as expected; some of the slowdown is temporary
  3. Norges Bank to hike its policy rate in June

Marius Gonsholt Hov, Senior Economist |