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Fast Comment Sweden — PMI worse than expected, details fairly gloomy

  1. October PMI worse than expected
  2. Details paint a similar picture
  3. PMI data volatile, will not impact forecast of a gradual recovery

Fast Comment Sweden — Strong sentiment suggest upside risk to the Riksbank's growth forecast

  1. Broad improvement in Swedish sentiment
  2. Manufacturing confidence likely to improve further as export orders rise
  3. Another strong bach of sentiment data - hard data will eventually catch up

FX Comment — EUR/SEK: few signs of reversed safe-haven flows

  1. With a benign macro outlook, the SEK outlook is fairly positive
  2. Reversal of safe-haven flows may depress SEK, but there are few signs of this yet
  3. EUR/SEK instead tracks ED$ funding costs and global risk appetite

Fast Comment Sweden — Sentiment not improving as fast as expected, but the recovery is continuing

    Improving sentiment, led by more upbeat consumersManufacturing confidence fell unexpectedly in July, dropping to 93.8 vs. expectations of a rise to 96.2 from 94.3 Consumer confidence rose by more than expected, though, jumping to 100.3 vs. expectations of a climb to 99.2, from 98.2. Confidence in the service sector improved a touch, going against the recent trend in PMI services. Taken together, the numbers paint a somewhat confusing picture, but, nevertheless, one of gradual improvement in the economy, mostly helped by more upbeat consumers.

FX Comment — EUR/SEK - Sweden yet to show full effects from recent SEK strength

  1. We have yet to see the full effects from recent SEK strength
  2. Riksbank on hold, escalating crisis are two potential negative EUR/SEK triggers
  3. Spanish aid application may cause post-OMT/ESM hangover

FX Comment — EUR/SEK 101 (chart package)

  1. Economy and central bank outlook remain the chief determinants of EUR/SEK
  2. Substantial effects from recent SEK strength yet to feed through to the economy
  3. Analysts always too bearish on EUR/SEK