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The Italian referendum can start a chain of events leading up to a referendum on the euro — December 4 is another important date in the eurozone

  1. Renzi serious on resigning if "No-camp" wins
  2. New general election likely
  3. The Five Star Movement can end up in government

Lars Henriksson, Strategist |

FX Comment — We adjust our end of year forecast for EURSEK

  1. The Riksbank is ready for more action
  2. More bond purchasing on the cards; rate cut possible but not likely
  3. We now see EURSEK higher than we did before but lower than it is today

Lars Henriksson, Strategist |

Global Macro Comment — SEK – Fooled by fundamentals

The Swedish krona has been weak and it has gone from bad to worse in recent months, as the anticipated strengthening of the krona has actually turned out to be the weakest level against the euro in more than six years. We have been bullish for some time and still believe the EURSEK is at elevated levels, but we feel it is necessary to adjust our short-term forecast up to 9.55 (9.35).

Lars Henriksson, Strategist |

Riksbank comment — September inflation shock and Riksbank consequences

  1. September inflation way below the Riksbank forecast
  2. One low number is not enough to support an extension at the October meeting
  3. Tense wait for the December meeting

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FX Pilot — No action from Bank of Japan to reverse the yen

- USDJPY: Bank of Japan presents no game changer
- EURSEK: Unemployment and housing worries have stalled the strengthening of the krona
- EURNOK: Norges Bank to stay on hold in September
- EURUSD: We stick to our view of a lower euro against the dollar
- USDCNY: Chinese authorities are showing markets they are still in control

Lars Henriksson, Strategist |

FX Comment — Skingsley repeats message of no more stimulus

  1. Skingsley seems confident that inflation is moving the right way
  2. No need for more easing at this point
  3. Makes way for further SEK strengthening

Lars Henriksson, Strategist |