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Fast Comment Denmark — Danish economy in reverse in Q3; not the beginning of a new downturn

  1. GDP contracted 0.6% q-o-q in Q3, weaker than expected
  2. Not the beginning of a new downturn, as the labour market remains strong
  3. Still, we will probably have to lower our GDP-growth forecast for 2017 from 2.2% to 1.8%

Jes Asmussen, Chief Economist Denmark |

Danish Comment — Største økonomiske tilbagegang siden 2011 - men ikke start på ny nedtur

  1. De foreløbige nationalregnskabstal viste en tilbagegang i dansk økonomi på 0,6% q/q i 3. kvartal
  2. Ikke begyndelsen på en ny nedtur - arbejdsmarkedet er fortsat stærkt
  3. Men vi må nok nedjustere vores skøn for BNP-væksten i år fra 2,2% til 1,8%

Jes Asmussen, Chief Economist Denmark |

Fast Comment Denmark — Solid signals from the Danish business sector

  1. The business barometer for the industrial sector was unchanged at 2 in November
  2. Service sector sentiment improved from 10 to 12, while construction fell slightly from -1 to -2
  3. Overall, the signals from barometers underpin our view that Q3 negative growth was temporary

Jes Asmussen, Chief Economist Denmark |

Danish Comment — Fornuftige signaler fra dansk erhvervsliv

  1. Industriens konjunkturbarometer var uændret på 2 i november
  2. Servicesektorens konjunkturbarometer steg fra 10 til 12, mens byggesektoren falder svagt fra -1 til -2
  3. Dagens tal underbyger imidlertid vores syn på, at tilbagegangen i dansk økonomi i 3. kvartal var midlertidig

Jes Asmussen, Chief Economist Denmark |

Fast Comment Norway — Oil and gas investment survey points to some upside compared to Norges Bank

    Investment in 2018 adjusted upwardIn Q4, the survey of investments in oil and gas extraction and pipeline transport indicates that oil investments in 2017 are expected to amount to NOK 150.8bn. The estimate for 2017 is 11.4 percent lower than the corresponding survey for 2016. As we already have information for Q3 from the National Accounts, we focus more on the figures for 2018. The estimate for investments in oil and gas came in at NOK 144.

    Halfdan Grangård, Senior Economist |

Finnish Comment — Industrial output still at high level

  1. Industrial production increased by 4.7 percent y-o-y in September
  2. New orders posted robust growth in September
  3. High manufacturing confidence supports the bright outlook, yet peak may have been reached

Tiina Helenius, Chief Economist Finland |