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Federal Reserve — har gott om ammunition kvar

  1. Sannolikheten betydande att Fed sjösätter fler åtgärder
  2. Federal Reserve har gott om ammunition kvar
  3. Större åtgärder osannolika i augusti, men kanske signaleras nollränta till 2015

Greece — The road ahead

  1. How great is the likelihood of a near-term exit?
  2. The channels of contagion
  3. Important dates ahead

FX Pilot — What if Draghi is not the Grinch?

- Cautious on risk
- USD still a buy
- Positive on both EUR/SEK and USD/SEK

What if Greece goes — thinking the unthinkable

  1. Expect outright default and strict capital controls if Greece decides to leave
  2. Acute contagion risk throughout Europe would follow
  3. Global interests resides in preventing eurozone dismantling

Finansmarknaden — Riksbanken fortsätter att höja

Den ekonomiska återhämtningen fortsätter. Ekonomisk tillväxt visar tecken på att accelerera i såväl EMU-området som i USA. Situationen i Mellanöstern är svårbedömd, men än så länge utgör den relaterade oljeprisuppgången inte något större hot mot den ekonomiska återhämtningen.

Macro Comment US — CBO’s budget forecast a fiscal anchor

President Obama's overriding priority seems to be re-election in 2012, not taking the lead on budget disci-pline by introducing harsh austerity measures. The CBO's baseline projection shows that there exists a credible sustainable fiscal policy, which probably works as a default alternative, increasing market confi-dence. However, the debate over the 2012 budget has hardly started. Presently, the focus is on the 2011 budget and the risk of a shutdown of the federal government.