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Macro Comment Norway — Norges Bank to (slightly) lift its near-term policy rate path

In June, Norges Bank indicated that the policy rate would be increased by 25 basis points in September. Beyond that, Norges Bank expected two more rate increases throughout 2019, and a total of seven rate in-creases over the entire forecasting horizon (until the end of 2021). News since the June meeting has largely surprised on the upside. Against this backdrop, we believe Norges Bank will signal it is more likely than not with three rate hikes in 2019. But the outlook calls for a careful approach, and we believe Norges Bank will keep the longer end of the rate path intact.

Marius Gonsholt Hov, Senior Economist |

Swedish Rate Wrap — Keep an eye on inflation and Riksbank minutes

Ahead of last week's monetary policy meeting, we were relatively isolated in our expectation of an interest rate hike of 0.25 percentage points in December. Confirmation has now been forthcoming that a rate hike is close at hand. Following the most recent monetary policy meeting held on September 5, the Riksbank was uncharacteristically unambiguous that it intends to hike the interest rate by 0.25 percentage points in December or February. However, there was no indication given as to how it plans to decide between the two alternatives. In our opinion, February seems to be more likely, as we believe that inflation will prove to be slightly lower than forecast by the Riksbank over the near term. Over the coming days, more information will become available, which we expect to underpin our conclusion as to when the interest rate will be raised. The inflation outcome for August will be released on September 14 and the minutes from the latest monetary policy meeting will be published on September 17

Christina Nyman, Head of Forecasting |

Macro Comment Sweden — Political deadlock after inconclusive election

With almost a dead heat between the two blocs after Sunday's parliamentary elections, everything indicates that the process of forming a government will be protracted and complicated. Although the political situation looks to remain uncertain in the coming weeks, it is difficult to see this having a major impact on financial markets or the near-term macroeconomic outlook. However, it is a concern that the next government will probably not command enough support in parliament to really get to grips with some of Sweden's most pressing structural challenges.

Anders Bergvall, Senior Economist |

Markkinakatsaus — Viikko 37/2018

• EKP pysyy yhä odottavalla kannalla
• Riksbank siirsi jälleen eteenpäin koronnostoarviotaan

Janne Ronkanen, Senior Economist |

FX Pilot — SEK set to strengthen, but not just yet

• US economy performing at the peak of its capacity
• Brexit agreements may be pushed back to next year
• Weak NOK sets the stage for a higher central bank interest rate forecast
• In focus: later hike, but increasingly hawkish messages from the Riksbank

Lars Henriksson, Strategist |