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FX Pilot

FX Pilot — China is trying to scare off speculators

-EURSEK: Slowdown in Swedish outperformance
-EURNOK: Low inflation puts downside pressure on NOK
-EURUSD: Relative inflation favours parity
-USDCNY: Chinese 'punish' speculators
-EURCZK: Is this the end of the current koruna policy?

Lars Henriksson, FX Strategist |

FX Pilot — Our top recommendations for 2017

- Trade of the year: If you followed our advice last year, you did well. Read about our ideas for 2017.
- EURNOK: Expect Norges Bank to show a heightened probability of a rate cut
- EURUSD: US rate hike is just a formality

Pierre Carlsson, Strategist |

FX Pilot — USD buoyed by global funding shortage

- USD: High costs for the USD in the FX swaps
- EUR: Referendum in Italy and Austrian presidential election on Sunday
- EURNOK: Risk of a weaker NOK in next week's survey
- USDCNY: Weaker CNY vs. the USD, but unchanged effective rate

Lars Henriksson, FX Strategist |

FX Pilot — Trumpolitics boost inflation expectations

- US: Trumpolitics boost inflation expectations
- EURSEK: Weak Swedish inflation remains
- EURGBP: Key data still holding up
- USDCNY: Faster CNY depreciation after Trump's election

Pierre Carlsson, Strategist |

FX Pilot — USD: The Fed vs. the election

- GBP: Volatility here to stay
- EUR/SEK: Red alert at Riksbank triggers SEK slump
- EUR/NOK: Downside risk to NOK interest rate path
- EUR/USD: Fed vs. election drama
- USD/CNY: CNY finally stabilises

Pierre Carlsson, Strategist |

FX Pilot — UK: Conflicting views on Brexit

- EURSEK: No need for the Riksbank to panic
- EURGBP: Slightly stronger pound toward year-end
- EURUSD: ECB to stay on the sidelines
- USDCNY: Weaker renminbi in line with our forecast

Lars Henriksson, FX Strategist |